The Gaingels 100

The Gaingels 100 is not a ranked list, but rather a collection of amazing, accomplished and inspiring venture-backed, LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs. They hail from all over the world, and have built, or are building, great companies of the exact kind we founded Gaingels to support and invest in. We’re also very proud that a number of these first 100 honorees are in fact already Gaingels portfolio founders and we look forward to that proportion becoming ever greater in years to come. With companies spanning from seed stage to growth, with many successful exits, and several either public, or going public at the time of publication, it is amazing to recognize the important leadership that these out, queer, and proud entrepreneurs exercise, and the power their experiences have to change perceptions, unwind stereotypes, and undo prejudices. The courageous and honest acknowledgments of their own journeys, challenges, and ultimately, successes, act as a powerful beacon for all those who see themselves reflected in those experiences. We started Gaingels in 2014 with the mission of bringing about social change and equality forLGBTQIA+ people, and all people, in the venture capital ecosystem through investment in diversity. As we grew, and as our scope expanded, our vision remained the same: a more diverse, equitable and accessible venture capital ecosystem, in which leadership is as diverse and inclusive as the reality that surrounds it.

We deeply believe in representation: as a matter of fact, we believe representation is one of the most powerful forces for implementing positive change in the world. It’s only when people see the kind of future that’s possible for them, by seeing others in the roles and lives they aspire to who look like them, share the same experiences, and inhabit the same challenges, that they are truly called into action and participate in building that future for themselves and for others after them. These 100 incredible people are pioneers, explorers, builders, doers, dreamers, and role models for so many others, and we are truly proud to help them share their stories. With this first edition of the Gaingels 100, we seek to celebrate their journeys, provide a platform to their companies and amplify their voices, inviting people everywhere to stop and consider what greater innovations, discoveries, and economic growth would we all enjoy if the world of venture was truly as varied and diverse as the rainbow.


Gaingels Mission & Values

Gaingels invests in the best venture-backed companies who embrace diverse and inclusive leadership and value a diversified capital and ownership structure. In practice, this means companies with diverse founding teams, leadership structures, board of directors, and captables, as well as companies that recognize the value in improving their inclusiveness and work in partnership with Gaingels to do so.

Mission Statement

We seek to drive social change through business by:

  • Driving opportunity within our community through investment and support and utilizing our network to recruit more diverse talent into our portfolio companies.
  • Becoming visible and valuable to the world of private equity and venture capital (PE/VC)
  • Developing a vibrant community of like minded investors, founders, and operators who support each other and benefit from it
  • Achieving outstanding returns on our investments

Values Statement

Gaingels seeks to abide by and foster an ecosystem centered on these values:

  • Trust: We seek to operate with transparency, and endeavor to respect the confidentiality of information presented to us
  • Innovation: We expect innovation and creativity to drive value for the future.
  • Collaboration: We enjoy collaboration with investors, advisors, co-investors, entrepreneurs, clients, and strategic partners
  • Balance: We admire autonomy and respects individuals’ rights, including the right to find work/life balance on one's own terms
  • Respect: It is important for everybody to be able to be their true authentic selves in an environment of trust and acceptance.
Gaingels, its staff, partners, members, and all parties involved in or representing Gaingels are expected to maintain at all times a professional and respectful environment promoting an environment of trust, inclusion, and acceptance in all dealings with entrepreneurs, portfolio company representatives, other investor members and third parties.



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