Gaingels Scholarship

Gaingels Scholarship

Established in 2020, the Gaingels Scholarship program is dedicated to supporting need-based LGBTQIA+ and underrepresented students seeking to attend college, or to continue attending college.

Each year, Gaingels seeks to support via donor-funded grants an increasing number of need-based LGBTQIA+ and minority youth to attend, or complete their college of choice. At the end of the program recipients are invited to interview with Gaingels and several of our portfolio companies for potential summer internships.

We are inspired by our past recipients and their stories, and you can get a taste of the impact the program had on the dozen students we supported last year in this video:


The grants are intended primarily, though not exclusively, for city and state schools, and to be used in conjunction with other aid to reduce students' financial burden and future student debt. Students must attend or plan to attend an institution in the United States at this time.

Scholarship Grants: The Gaingels Scholarship fund will be giving out up to 50 grants of $5,000 each in the 2022-2023 year. Starting in 2020 with 15 scholarships and 35 granted in 2021, we continue to grow and fund this program through donations, grants and the adoption of the 1% pledge.

Mentorship: The grants are also targeted to be tied to mentorship, with each student paired to at least one mentor.

Internships: It's expected that each graduate of the program will secure interviews with Gaingels and several Gaingels portfolio companies, with the possibility of summer internship and possibly post-graduate opportunities made available to qualified candidates.

Fiscal Responsibility: 98.5% of donor money goes directly to the grant recipients. Thank you to the California Community Foundation for making this low overhead possible.

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