"I did not realize how much the community would help me grow the business and how much I could give back to the community."

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Jen Bolin

Blending new technology with the human touch to revolutionize talent acquisition

RECOGNIZING TALENT. Jen Bolin is a people person. It may be a typical phrase, but it's a characteristic that has led to a tremendously successful career in recruitment. "My mother always says I've never met a stranger. I've always naturally had an aptitude for connecting with people. And that's what recruiting is. I also found that I was very successful at it and found it very rewarding that I could positively impact people's lives exceptionally well."

Despite her strong sense of self, Jen did not expect to embark on a career in recruitment. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she made the decision to leave university and interviewed for a temp role at a staffing firm. It was the start of a career in an industry she would continue to thrive in some 27 years later.

Now she is at its leading edge as the President of TALENThire, a technology platform that helps companies source, engage, and manage the non-traditional workforce, from gig workers to freelance agents and contractors. The company focuses on inclusivity, partnering with companies who embody the same values, and has developed technology that allows businesses to track their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

While TALENThire is bringing a new type of technology to the recruiting world, Jen believes it can only work in balance with the human touch. In 2020 the company relaunched, following the pandemic-driven overhaul of workplace structures. "We believe in this hybrid intelligence which uses data and artificial intelligence but leverages the human touch. I do not believe that the recruiting world can survive or be successful without the human touch. We are people first."

ENABLING RELATIONSHIPS. TALENThire is Jen's first foray into the startup world. While she heartily tackles the challenges of fundraising with the support of her co-founders and working with Blockchain Founders Fund, she has a wealth of experience in the power of what a diverse team can achieve. When working at the global staffing firm Adecco, her team turned its smallest region into its most profitable, making over a million dollars.

"I told the company's president to take a look at my team. We had a completely unique, inclusive group of people. We didn't match the rest of the room, but we were a powerhouse and had built incredible respect for each other. I want to say that we helped start the change process within the staffing industry regarding how they looked at diversity and inclusion."

Jen discovered the power of bringing your authentic self to the workplace when, eight years into her first job, she came out as a lesbian. The overwhelming support she received from her boss was a pivotal moment in her career. "He said, ‘you're amazing. You contribute so much to the world just as you are. And we welcome it.’ I knew at that point that I could be myself, but more importantly, I had an obligation to do exactly what he encouraged me to do, not just for myself, but for other people."

Jen now encourages other members of the LGBTQIA+ community to be brave by being themselves unapologetically in the workplace. "As I began my journey with TALENThire, I didn’t realize how much the community would help me grow the business and how much I could give back to the community. There is an opportunity in our community to help each other grow. I don't necessarily lead every business conversation with the fact that I'm part of the LGBTQIA+ community. But I will also tell you this; if someone asks me if I'm in a relationship, I am proud to say I am married to an incredible woman and a mom to our four amazing children."

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