Changemaking isn’t easy. You do create the time and opportunity to be your true self and make our own decisions and push ahead beyond the noise.

PEOPLE OFTEN DESCRIBE ME AS: Confident, Focused, Go-Getter ...and sometimes an Asshole. TWO TRUTHS ABOUT ME AND A LIE: I received my 1st 6-Figure Salary at 32 years-old, I dated men most of my life, and I’ve only had one girlfriend in my lifetime. SOMEONE I ADMIRE: Master P.

Tia Lyles-Williams

Transforming communities and economies through biotherapeutic ingenuity

SEEING YOURSELF IN THE BIGGER PICTURE. Tia Lyles-Williams will tell you that she founded LucasPye BIO, a Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that develops biologics for regulatory approval, manufacturing, and creation of drug products for the global commercial market, because there was a true minority gap in the biomedical industry, but that’s just the tip of the conversational iceberg.

“Of course you’ll find minorities as executive assistants, operators or workers, but not in the clinical spaces, not in the management, not in the executive leadership spaces, not in the areas where talent is truly leveraged and developed, where wealth is actually generated. But no one wants to tell you that. No one wants to address those gaps or ambitions. But I will. I did.” She explains.

As an African-American queer woman, it’s important to highlight that Tia is the first to found, own, and lead a biotechnology, biopharmaceutical large-scale manufacturing company. In fact, LucasPye BIO’s mission is to not only make biotherapeutic drugs more affordable, but to also transform the economy and strengthen the healthcare offerings within underserved communities around the globe.

“There was a moment, because of my experience, because of my background, that I was in high demand. And once I saw that, I wanted to flip the entire script. I wanted to find other people like me, who are in demand, or should be and put them to work, build a better company for them to hone and express their skills.” She says.

TAKING CHANGE-AGENCY TO TASK. Because Tia knows that change agents need to do more than just challenge the status quo and systems, they have to literally change, deconstruct, and reconstruct them. “I’m a scientist. I’m also an entrepreneur. And you don’t have to be a traditional doctor or to create a real impact in the health of our peers and our communities. You can focus on science and the C-Suite.” She explains.

“I learned early in my life that you don’t need permission to lead. You don’t need someone to endorse your interests in change. It’s great if you do. What you need to do is build your ideas, present your ideas, and focus on building the networks and infrastructure necessary to make it work. You have to want it first. No one just gives you permission to change the system. You just go change it.” Tia points out.

Upon reflection, Tia smiles. “You know, this generation, the one growing up right now, they get it already. They’re alway so far ahead of the curve. I’m building LucasPye BIO for them as much as for anyone. They deserve to see people like me in positions of leadership and power when they’re ready to do their own work, make their own companies. So they can just slide in and do their things and not have to fight so hard or feel like they were wrong about the world. Because they’re not.” She concludes.

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