What We Do

We are amongst the most active LGBTQIA+/Allies Venture investors in the world and we are singlehandledly dedicated to supporting and promoting diversity and inclusion at each of our portfolio companies through direct support and that of our member network.

Our Mission is to foster social change through business and create a more diverse, inclusive and accessible venture ecosystem at all levels of leadership.

We do this first and foremost by ensuring that diverse and underrepresented (including LGBTQ+) leaders of high-growth companies have access to capital. The knock-on effect of being able to raise capital is huge. Raising capital to fund a company's growth is an important attribute of success for founders, and successful founders/CEOs quickly become people of power and influence. This opens doors and creates opportunities for those who have been traditionally excluded from them.

But we also know that diversity and inclusion is a journey and that equitable representation is an ever ongoing and renewing task. We therefore invest and support all companies that recognize its importance and see Gaingels as a valuable and strategic partner, through our network of members, experts, and portfolio companies, in building truly diverse and inclusive teams.

We ask all companies we invest in to join us in a number of different initiatives aimed at building a truly diverse and inclusive organization. We spell this out in our Gaingels Letter, which we encourage all portfolio companies to acknowledge, sign and refer to when developing the culture and makeup of their organizations.