The Gaingels Network welcomes membership applications from Accredited Investors who intend to invest at least $10,000 a year in the investment(s) of their choice. We also expect our members to support our portfolio companies with introductions and advice and/or bring new members and venture-led opportunities to the network.

Our membership agreement includes the following

Expectations members have of Gaingels leadership include

·      To represent Gaingels portfolio companies and the network with dignity and respect
·      To proactively support our portfolio companies and our community
·      To work diligently to source profitable investment opportunities
·      To be transparent in what we do and who we are
·      To invest our own money alongside our members

The networks expectations of members include

·      To represent the Gaingels network and our portfolio companies with dignity and respect
·      To proactively support our portfolio companies and our community
·      To accept the inherent high-risk nature of the investments Gaingels sources
·      To maintain the utmost confidentiality of the information you gain through Gaingels
·      To proactively monitor oneself for potential conflicts of interest.

To join, please do the following

A) Sign the membership agreement here

B) Create a profile on our online portal here

C) Come to a meeting and meet people

Once you have a profile, you will get our confidential weekly newsletter.