Gaingels Venture Resources

Gaingels Venture Resources

In light of the recent turmoil in the venture banking world, we wanted to let you know of our strong relationships with a variety of banks. If you’d like a warm introduction (or anything else), please don’t hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, please see below for a list of aggregated resources that have been provided for the Gaingels Portfolio:

JPMC - Business Banker from the venture team

FRB - Business Banker from the venture team

HSBC Ventures - Bank connections

BNY Mellon - Bank connections

Founderpath - Fast Track Capital Request

Uncapped - Emergency Funding Program

Nitra - Emergency Help for Healthcare Companys: Corporate Credit Cards, Short Term Loans

Paperstack - Working Capital for SVB Companies

Capchase - Emergency Payroll Financing

Bridge Bank - Lifeline Program

Billy - Insurance alternative to the Vouch plans required by SVB

IntraFi - Keep your cash balances safe with a simple, secure solution

Finix - If you were processing ACH or card payments via SVB and need a new provider, our portfolio company Finix can get you live within a day (if interested, reach out to us or their CEO

8vdX - will extend your seed extension with a 'seedex booster' of up to $1M

Brex - SVB Emergency Line

Percent - Corporate Loans

Treasure - Government-backed securities for your business funds