Apply For Gaingels Membership

The Gaingels Network welcomes membership applications from Accredited Investors who are interested in helping advance our mission to advance social change through outstanding investments. There are no minimum yearly commitments to invest (although a per investment minimum may apply), and Gaingels does not charge any fee for membership. We do expect and ask our members to support our portfolio companies with connections, introductions, and advice as well as to help bring new members (especially from communities underrepresented in the venture ecosystem). Our community also actively refers and suggests venture-led investment opportunities for consideration and support by the network, through our Venture Scout program.

The leadership and staff of Gaingels in turn commits to our members:

  • To act transparently, professionally and with integrity
  • To represent our companies and the network with dignity and respect
  • To proactively support our portfolio companies and our community
  • To work diligently to source profitable investment opportunities
  • To be communicative and honest in what we do and who we are
  • To invest our own money alongside our members in every opportunity

By applying to join the Gaingels Network, members are bound by our membership agreement, which includes the following commitments

    • To act transparently, professionally and with integrity
    • To proactively monitor oneself for potential conflicts of interest
    • To maintain the utmost confidentiality of the information obtained via Gaingels
    • To proactively support our portfolio companies and our community
    • To accept the inherent high-risk nature of the investments Gaingels sources
    • To make their own independent investment decisions
    • To accept that Gaingels provides access and information to its members in regard to investment opportunities, but does not conduct due diligence on their behalf, whose responsibility lies solely with each investing member

    For those who are not accredited investors, there is more to the Gaingels community than its investment opportunities. People can also join our broader community if they are not accredited. This will allow you to participate in our social events, ecosystem trips and have access to our job portal and newsletters. Unfortunately, investment information and opportunities are exclusively reserved for investors that meet the SEC definition of Accredited Investors.

The Application Process Includes:

  1. Complete the below application (5-10 Min)
  2. Gaingels Team will complete KYC & Identity Requests
  3. Meet with Gaingels Membership Team (Please come prepared with any questions; 30 min)
  4. Application Decision within 1 week :)