John Down.jpeg

John Down - founder of The-Dots

As a European professional creative network that's focused on diversity, The Dots sees tremendous synergies in Gaingels' own broad, varied membership. We particularly value the Gaingels network not only as investors, but also advisors and introducers as we plan our US expansion. We are delighted to be partnering with Gaingels ion this next exciting stage of our expansion.

Arthur Woods.png

Arthur Woods - COO of Imperative

“Gaingels joined in our seed round for Imperative, turned around a quick investment from its members and immediately hit the ground running to advise us on strategy and business development. The Gaingels have proven to not only invest money, but also the time, energy and direction to help its portfolio companies thrive. As an LGBTQ Co-Founder, it means a lot to me to see Gaingels building a strong support network of investors and entrepreneurs.”

Aaron Hurst.png

Erika Mozes - Co founder of Hyr

“Gaingels was the first investor group we pitched, and we are so excited to be working with them! We identified them as a group we wanted to work with because of their commitment to the LGBT community and the group of impressive and experienced investors that make up their syndicate. The mentorship, support and leadership the network provides is invaluable to our company’s growth.”

Nathan Richardson.png

Nathan Richardson - CEO of Tradeit

“Gaingels thorough due diligence process sets a new standard while the group is composed of seasoned investors ready to help LGBT entrepreneurs succeed. I never believed in the gay mafia until being given the velvet glove assistance from Gaingels. ”

Erika Mozes.jpg

Aaron Hurst - CEO of Imperative

“Paul (Gaingels director) is one of the most influential and effective seed investors in NYC. He understands the power of networks and has built one of the most powerful networks of investors on the East Coast and increasingly across the country.”

Carlo Cisco.png

Carlo Cisco - CEO of Select

“Gaingels comprises a group of successful and impassioned professionals from across several industries. A key difference with Gaingels is that they’re always thinking about how they can help you with funding and connections both today and in the future. Knowing you have pool of experienced long-term partners you can rely on is invaluable.”

Jimmy Lyons.jpg

Jimmy Lyons - CEO of Advisor Connect

“Paul (Gaingels director) is scrupulous in his role as a company adviser. His selective methodology of working with a company makes sense when you realize the energy and thought he puts into the role. He is as generous with his knowledge as he is with his networks and the ability to make introductions. To call him an adviser would not be doing him justice, Paul has become a part of our team!”


Fran Dunaway - Founder TomboyX

Having the Gaingels on our team has opened us up to a vast network that we had not had access to before. They are staunch advocates of the brand and have been incredibly supportive of me and Naomi. We are thrilled to have them on our cap table.

Yuni Sameshima.jpg

Yuni Sameshima - CEO of Chicory

“Not only has Gaingels been fun to work with, but members started providing value even before we started the funding process!”

anthony venus.jpg

Anthony Venus - CEO of YayPay

"Gaingels is an impressive organization of investors that believes in building valuable companies and promoting diversity. An an LGBT founder I was drawn to Gaingels not only because of their mission which is very close to my heart, but also because of the fact that they are a who's who of talented angel investors who add a lot of strategic advice as well as customer and ecosystem connections. Both David Beatty and Paul Grossinger are highly respected in the early stage investor ecosystem and I'm looking forward to building YayPay with their support."

Donald Coolidge.jpg

Donald Coolidge - Co founder of Elemental Path

"Paul and Gaingels were an investors in our first round of funding at Elemental Path and were instrumental to our growth. They took the time to understand our business and provided invaluable time and energy to help me execute on our growth strategies. Easy to work with, knowledgable, and most importantly ~ easily accessible to their portfolio companies."


Sebastian Seiguer - CEO of eMocha

"Paul and Gaingels are both investors in emocha Mobile Health as well as a trusted advisor. Their positive approach to our business, as well as their extensive network, have been a huge help. Paul has my strongest recommendation as a business partner."

Seth Halpern.jpg

Seth Halpern - CEO of 

"Fresh off our pre-seed, the Gaingels community is already delivering strategic guidance to help drive our growth. Their willingness to leverage personal networks this early on is a testament to the strength of Gaingels' ecosystem and core values."


Gabe Zichermann - CEO of Onward

"Gaingels really supports its founders and delivers significant value. As a company that values diversity, we strongly appreciate Gaingels contributions."

David Kaskel.jpg

David Kaskel - CEO of Breaking Fourth

"As a UK based company, we wanted an investor group with local (London) resources as well as strong ties to the US. We straddle the entertainment and tech sectors so Gaingels connections to New York, LA, and San Francisco are invaluable. After our initial meetings with the UK team and then Paul we felt confident that Gaingels would be with us and support us financially for several years. We now are seeing that their strategic and industry insight is just as valuable."

Jesse Horwitz.jpeg

Jesse Horwitz - Founder of Hubble

“As an LGBT entrepreneur, having your community invest in you matters, and the Gaingels network provides valuable assistance to founders.”





Anthony Rosen, CFO at AdoreMe

"I’ve been involved with Gaingels for the past year and have found it be a fantastic group of people and a very positive experience, both from a personal and professional perspective. I’ve made new friends and contacts and been introduced to a great community, all the while making angel investments and having fun along the way.”


Brian Frunchey, senior leader at Facebook

"Gaingels is an important foundation of support for LGBT individuals - not just for LGBT entrepreneurs but for the broader LGBT community. While Gaingels investments have supported incredibly worthy companies and individuals, the opportunity to give all people a chance to realize their full potential by being their authentic self, is a powerful side benefit of the syndicate. Organizations like Gaingels allow us to be out, proud, and engaged.”


Michel Heitstuman, Real Estate investor

"Gaingels is a strong network of professionals, investors and entrepreneurs supporting outstanding start-up companies with mentorship, coaching and access to our networks throughout the world. We’ve found that the support we can provide to these companies is invaluable to their growth and ultimate success.”


Richard Anderman, director of NYFI and CAE

"Gaingels offers investors the opportunity to not only participate financially in a series of interesting companies but to become involved in advising and helping create opportunities for engaged entrepreneurs in a variety of sectors."


Chris Fraley, board member of StartOut & GLAAD

"Gaingels is an innovative organization meeting a critical need in the LGBT community. Access to capital is one of the most important elements of a start up. According to a recent Harris Poll, over 1/3 of Americans are uncomfortable with an LGBT CEO. Gaingels helps support founders who may often still encounter bias in the business world."


Peter Steinberg, investor, formally of MeetUp

"Gaingels continues to bring interesting deals to the table that I likely wouldn’t come across elsewhere. I look forward to being an active member of the Gaingels Network for years to come."


Ken Leppert, General Counsel, FiftyThree Inc. 

"Gaingels have created an incredible community of investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs who wouldn’t otherwise be working together. Now that it is really taking off, and I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like a year from now and beyond."


Jim Sherman, founder of Sherman's TravelMedia

"Paul and Gaingels are one of the most connected groups that I know in the start-up and investor community around New York. Not only are they a wonderful sounding board on potential investment opportunities, they are also is a terrific mentors to early stage firms. "


Eric Mueller, software engineer and investor

"I greatly appreciate the thorough vetting of companies that is shared among the Gaingels… it’s reassuring and informative to see what other members think of potential investments. And of course, it feels awesome to know that my investment money is not only supporting some terrific startups but also helping fellow LGBTQ folks."


John Basnage, partner at Hogan Lovells London

"Gaingels has become an amazing community for the exchange of ideas, talent and capital, creating opportunities for LGBT entrepreneurs and investors that just were not available elsewhere. It has been a great pleasure to be able to support Paul and David in the roll-out of Gaingels in London, and be able to invest alongside of Gaingels investors in the United States in a way that champions and supports diverse individuals."


Mike Lefkowitz, founder of SurveyHealthcare 

"The Gaingels network brings together successful, business-minded investors and expert advisors to support entrepreneurial talent within our community. As an exited entrepreneur with dedication to supporting start-ups, Gaingels provides me with invaluable connections to my passions."