New York | June 2018

Gaingels participated in Hubble’s $45MM Series B, lead by First Mark Capital and Wildcat.

Hubble CEO Jesse Horwitz graduated from Columbia University in 2013 and worked for Columbia’s endowment for 3 years before launching Hubble in 2016.

Hubble offer daily contact lenses direct-to-consumer, secured through exclusive deals with two large suppliers. Their innovation is in signing up repeatable, reliable customers with a profitable customer acquisition cost. The company also differentiates in its packaging, opting for a more stylish and “designer” output than typically sent out by retailers.

Jesse Horwitz said “It’s been a great experience working with Gaingels and would recommend them to other companies. Goal for '19? Keep growing!”

Hubble has 10x customer growth annually and 8x monthly subscription revenue growth. There is only one year of data, making it one of the fastest growing startups in the country and an exciting addition to the Gaingels portfolio.