Gaingels seeks to invest in the best private companies with LGBT senior Leadership.

Gaingels selects investment opportunities to present to our network in one of 2 ways:

A) To present at one of 6 investor meetings each year, generally the 2nd or 3rd week of every odd month, in NY, SF and LA. Please see below for how this works.

B) Through "off-cycle" presentations, were we we work with a lead institutional investor to bring opportunities (large series seed through pre IPO) to our network. Presentations for these opportunities can be in person, video conference or at one of our investor meetings depending on timing.

We ask all companies we work with to sign the Gaingels letter and to comment on our asks before closing any investment.

Please remember: Gaingels is a network, not a fund.  Every member of the network makes a decision themselves about whether or not they wish to invest in an opportunity and how much they will invest. 

How we help our portfolio companies

Gaingels members are required as a condition of Gaingels membership to help all our portfolio companies. We notice that this help most commonly manifests itself in the following ways;

A) Business development introductions. Whenever a company asks, we will run though our entire membership list to discuss potential introductions. We are constantly asking our members to make specific introductions.  

B) Recruitment. We are constantly helping our membership recruit team members, and as founders of, have access to large database of diverse talent.

C) Board recruitment. Gaingels has partnered with the Quorum project of out leadership to help portfolio companies that have raised at least $2mm in venture funding to find qualified diverse board members,

IMG_3865 (1).JPG

The Gaingels selection committee decides what companies get to present at our investor meetings around the world. Priority is always given to:

(a) Member led opportunities where a member has already invested or has committed to invest; 

(b) existing portfolio companies raising new rounds; 

(c) companies that have been introduced by members or other people we know and trust. 

We recommend that you DO NOT apply for funding on this site as we can not commit to reply or review your application. Out of the all investments our group has made to date, every one has been made as a result of a warm introduction to us.

Companies we invest in generally fall into 3 categories:

a) Institutional early stage

b) Later stage

Note: For institutional early stage and later stage, as well as non-startup opportunities, Gaingels will almost always co-invest/follow a lead investor. 

c) Angel/Seed/StartUp

We always prioritize companies a Gaingels member has already committed to invest in. We generally follow the following process, which changes depending on timing with investor meeting and an a case by case basis:

  1. Socialize (let by the lead investor member)

  2. Deep Dive

  3. Write summary of investment opportunity and member comments

  4. Collection of commitments from members

  5. Sign and close investment

  6. Support company

When there is at least $150k of member interest, Gaingels as a group will generally create a single purpose LLC (SPV) for all members to pool their investment and this SPV invests as a single entity.

Important note about leading investments.  Gaingels generally does not lead deals or set or negotiate terms. 

What if we decide not to invest? 

Like almost all venture investment groups, Gaingels members decide to invest in a small % of opportunities seen by the group. Like almost every investor, a no generally means “not now” as opposed to “not ever”. Our members do try to help every company we meet be it with introductions or “radical candor” feedback.