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Influencing Social Change through Venture Investing

Gaingels is amongst the largest investors in the world aiming to deliver consistently above-market returns, while increasing visibility, representation, and access for all underrepresented communities in venture capital.

Gaingels co-invests with select venture capital leads in companies resolved on building diverse and inclusive teams. We seek to drive top returns while influencing the ecosystem and representing the LGBTQ community, its allies, and a diverse group of investors within the capital stack of its portfolio companies.

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invested since 2019
As of January 2022, Gaingels projects close to $750M+ in investments for the year
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The Gaingels Portfolio counts over 1800+ companies
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    What We Do

    Social Change Through Business

    We are amongst the most active LGBTQIA+/Allies Venture investors in the world and we are singlehandledly dedicated to supporting and promoting diversity and inclusion at each of our portfolio companies through direct support and that of our member network.

    Our Mission is to foster social change through business and create a more diverse, inclusive and accessible venture ecosystem at all levels of leadership.

    We do this first and foremost by ensuring that diverse and underrepresented (including LGBTQ+) leaders of high-growth companies have access to capital. The knock-on effect of being able to raise capital is huge. Raising capital to fund a company's growth is an important attribute of success for founders, and successful founders/CEOs quickly become people of power and influence. This opens doors and creates opportunities for those who have been traditionally excluded from them.

    But we also know that diversity and inclusion is a journey and that equitable representation is an ever ongoing and renewing task. We therefore invest and support all companies that recognize its importance and see Gaingels as a valuable and strategic partner, through our network of members, experts, and portfolio companies, in building truly diverse and inclusive teams.

    We ask all companies we invest in to join us in a number of different initiatives aimed at building a truly diverse and inclusive organization. We spell this out in our Gaingels Letter, which we encourage all portfolio companies to acknowledge, sign and refer to when developing the culture and makeup of their organizations.

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    The Power of Network


    Oustanding Returns

    Skilled investors seek outstanding returns, and moving greater amounts of capital opens more doors, starting the conversation while supporting our portfolio towards ever more inclusion and equality for more people. Investment capital, and the returns that motivate its allocation, are therefore key to our mission, and by co-investing with the top venture investors in the ecosystem in competitive and oversubscribed rounds, we seek to give our members unparalleled access to deals that may power those returns.


    Grow Together

    Our members, our CEOs/Founders, and our venture partners and scouts in the ecosystem are connected by their shared commitment to our mission to advance social change through business. Each of our member investors pledges to help our global portfolio with their network, expertise and resources, and Gaingels facilitates the creation and the vibrancy of a global community of agents of change through virtual and in person events, online communities and forums, and international ecosystem trips, as well as annual signature events for our portfolio companies to connect with each other and thrive. Through this community, founders are connected to a valuable, diverse and global network of investors, gaining access to unique expertise, and a variety of resources. As a large and varied affinity network, our members and partners are passionate about providing the introductions and resources to allow our portfolio companies to grow and scale, thus not only investing their capital but contributing the power of their network, further supporting our community of founders, influencing their culture and companies, and leading to more profitable investment outcomes.


    Increase Impact

    When a valuable and thriving community engages to support our portfolio, and when capital is invested to fuel their growth, doors are opened and conversations begin. When we invest in each of our portfolio companies, the Gaingels Pledge is a starting point for those conversations within companies and boards, manifesting into more inclusive policies and practices. And as companies realize and benefit from our input, support and value-add, the effect grows beyond each company, reaching other investors, founders, and players in the ecosystem, who realize the value we collectively bring, and invite us into more opportunities, strengthening our community, and in turn creating more opportunities for enhanced returns for our investing members.

    Join Our Community

    Apply For Gaingels Membership

    The Gaingels Network welcomes membership applications from Accredited Investors who are interested in helping advance our mission to advance social change through outstanding investments. There are no minimum yearly commitments to invest (although a per investment minimum may apply), and Gaingels does not charge any fee for membership. We do expect and ask our members to support our portfolio companies with connections, introductions, and advice as well as to help bring new members (especially from communities underrepresented in the venture ecosystem). Our community also actively refers and suggests venture-led investment opportunities for consideration and support by the network, through our Venture Scout program.

    The leadership and staff of Gaingels in turn commits to our members:

    • To act transparently, professionally and with integrity
    • To represent our companies and the network with dignity and respect
    • To proactively support our portfolio companies and our community
    • To work diligently to source profitable investment opportunities
    • To be communicative and honest in what we do and who we are
    • To invest our own money alongside our members in every opportunity

    By applying to join the Gaingels Network, members are bound by our membership agreement, which includes the following commitments

      • To act transparently, professionally and with integrity
      • To proactively monitor oneself for potential conflicts of interest
      • To maintain the utmost confidentiality of the information obtained via Gaingels
      • To proactively support our portfolio companies and our community
      • To accept the inherent high-risk nature of the investments Gaingels sources
      • To make their own independent investment decisions
      • To accept that Gaingels provides access and information to its members in regard to investment opportunities, but does not conduct due diligence on their behalf, whose responsibility lies solely with each investing member

      For those who are not accredited investors, there is more to the Gaingels community than its investment opportunities. People can also join our broader community if they are not accredited. This will allow you to participate in our social events, ecosystem trips and have access to our job portal and newsletters. Unfortunately, investment information and opportunities are exclusively reserved for investors that meet the SEC definition of Accredited Investors.

    The Application Process Includes:

    1. Complete the below application (5-10 Min)
    2. Complete ID Screening via Jumio (Sent in email; 5 min completion)
    3. Meet with Gaingels Membership Team (Please come prepared with any questions; 30 min)
    4. Application Decision within 72 hours :)

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